Purchase An Authentic Old West Ranch Coat To Keep Yourself Warm In Style


Cold weather old west coats kept the men of early America more comfortable. Whether their work kept them in town or out on the ranch, they would wear a well-designed garment to protect them from bad weather. Meticulously crafted to keep out the dust, damp, cold and rain, many different versions of a Ranch Coat were styled to suit the needs of the men who wore them. To wear them today is to buy from a company that specializes in historical Old West wear.

These coats depict the major historical periods for styles in the Old West. Western wear included influences from the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian periods. These basic styles for men were quite similar even though the fabrics varied widely. They used European versions as inspiration throughout the time America was growing. In the Southwest, Vaquero clothing worn by Mexican ranchers inspired cowhands to do the same.

A duster was a common garment worn for basic ranching duties. This essential item was often made of heavy canvas for extra warmth or heavy cotton for durability with cooler wear. The style had long sleeves and a large collar to protect arms and face from the wind and rain. The back pleat opened up when on horseback to help riding be more comfortable. This was a standard everyday wear item for many ranchers.

A frock style made of wool was designed for day or evening wear. Made to reach just beyond the knees, it helped to keep a gentleman warm while dressed up in colder weather. But, it was also suitable for a day of business. Many cowboys would wear this tailored style with its bright silver buttons when turning up for social events at the end of a long work week.

One of the most common men's silhouettes was the Callahan frock. It was regularly worn during ranch duties as it was in town for gambling. It had lapels that were notched and extra decorative stitching on the back flap. This classic bit of ranching wear was worn with a nice shirt, well-tailored vest, pants, a soft hat and a sporty bow tie. The richest of ranchers enjoyed this look and wore it pretty much everywhere.

For those who preferred to carry rifles, classic rifle coats were the perfect thing. These long garments concealed their weapon of choice and completely covered their basic clothes. This was a very popular item that distinguished lawmen and the bad guys they were after. Many sheriffs were known to wear this type of cold weather wear, often year round as the fabric used was not often heavy wool.

With a full set of dress clothes worn underneath, the Coburn Great Coat was the perfect over garment. This wool coat was measured to fall below the knees. It featured a cowl attached at the neck which served as a cold weather cape. Made for keeping warm, these items kept many men warmer throughout the Old West times.

Buying an authentic Ranch Coat remains extremely popular in the New West. The practical design elements and fabrics continue to make these variations on Western wear top choices for many. It is easy to enjoy dressing in the styles of yesteryear.


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