Keep Your Backyard Ice Rink Into Springtime!


Good-Bye to Another of your Backyard Ice Rinks

It's March already. The most rural of roads are dry and snow-free, even if still lined with shrinking piles of melting snow discarded and abandoned by the snowplow.

Hockey fans and ice skaters wish their home ice could outlast those tallest of artificial drifts.

March thaws may not matter a bit to fans of backyard ice rinks living in …

  • Barrow, Alaska, where today's temperature is a minus 19 F (-28 C)
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where today's temperature is a minus 35 F (-37 C)
  • Calgary, Alberta, where today's temperature is a balmy minus 2 F (-19 C)

But April will matter for sure. The pendulum swinging from frost-bitten to sun-burned is gaining momentum in your own back yard, and you may be racking your brains for ways to stretch the hours or days until the last hexagonal crystal melts.

You've had a wonderful winter, and we know the wheels are turning for next year – how to create an even better backyard ice rink next season. And there's no time to waste – November is just around the corner!

Eke out more time on your backyard ice rink

But is there any chance, right now, that you could stretch your home ice time just a little longer? Anything to keep skating?

Well, not really. But yes!

True, you can not stop the weather. February always turns into March, which turns into April in an amazingly short time. April is an icicle's biggest nightmare.

But you can cheat the weather. You can even scam it! But first, here are a few ways to honestly preserve your carefully crafted ice for a few more days.

If you built a rink with tall rink boards all the way around your rink, those boards will tend to trap the cold air right next to the ice. This will help to delay the development of slushy ice somewhat.You could throw an insulated ice blanket over the ice during the day. This will reflect the sun's rays and prolong the ice for a few more days or weeks.Be sure to always remove all snow from the ice just as soon as you can after the snowfall. An ice blanket protects, but the snow warms the ice … not good in March! If the nighttime lows are still dipping far enough below freezing, you could keep laying down more ice layers during the still-frozen night. This, combined with the ice blanket, may give you a bit more ice time. Make a note to yourself … "Self: buy 2'x10 'boards next season, instead of these 2'x4's!"

Cheat or Scam Mother Nature

Cheat Mother Nature: You yourself may have cheatster friends, the ones with refrigerated ice rinks! Yeah, you know it too – they're your "best buddies" between March and May. Their refrigerated ice rinks are giving them up to 3 months of extra backyard ice time.

The Big Ice Scam: Perhaps you've seen them – glorious expanses of pristine white in July. It's 90 degrees outside (32 C) and there's no ice in sight. That sea of ​​white is … is … it's not a mirage, it's PLASTIC! Yep, high- or ultra-high density polyethylene – synthetic ice. If that is not a SCAM, we do not know what is!

With a synthetic ice rink, we can "fool nature" (or maybe even ourselves!) And enjoy 365 days a year of skating and hockey practice that is nearly as effective as ice, maybe more so. And minus the parkas or even shirts.

For a price, you can indeed prolong the skating season every year. Is the expense of synthetic ice or refrigeration spendy, or essential? That will have to be your call.

Home Ice, by Jack Falla

Home Ice, by Jack Falla, is most probably one of the best books ever written on backyard ice rinks. Mr. Falla warmly illustrates the ways that backyard ice rinks bring together families and friends, even strangers. Plus, he walks you through his own rink-building, which will quite possibly ignite the passion inside your own soul to build one of your own.

It's March today, but October is coming. Start your springtime by reading the highly recommended Home Ice today. Bone up on the ins and outs of building a backyard ice rink, and when October or November rolls around (it'll be much sooner than expected!), You'll be armed with information and ready to create your own home ice.


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Why The Radio Is Still Popular Today


Over the years, many technologies have become popular in the entertainment and leisure market, have remained for some time, and eventually faded away into oblivion. First, it was the cassette player. For almost a decade, many music companies flourished by manufacturing cassette players, and recorded cassettes. It was closely followed by the advent of the walkman, which further popularized cassette players and the cassette industry. When Sony launched the Discman, it revolutionized the music industry, and companies that were into cassette manufacturing underwent a transition to manufacture music CDs. Discmans provided excellent playback quality, and for a long time it seemed things could not be improved upon much as far as playback quality is concerned. People strongly believed Discmans were there to stay forever. However, with the popularity of internet increasing day-by-day, Discman lost its fan club to online music portals and websites. As on today, you can listen or hear almost anything on the net. It is worth acknowledging that amidst these inventions and emerging market trends, the radio has still managed to retain its popularity, and is still an important means of entertaining one self. Post why? The answer is obvious. While you have to spend money to buy new CDs and DVDs, or load your MP3 player with sound tracks downloaded from the internet, the radio offers everything instantly – without having to spend a single extra dime. With many FM radio stations offering a very good choice of songs and music albums, the potential of FM just can not be ignored.

FM stations and popularity of the radio

The basic advantage with the radio is over the years it has become very compact in size, can be easily carried everywhere, is very easy to afford, and it does not cost much. You can slip a small radio unit into your pocket and go about almost anywhere. Radios have a dedicated fan club following the FM stations. Moreover, the most important fact is even a century after its invention, the radio is still "going strong", and it looks as if it is still good for another century, unless of course some other modern invention or discovery takes its place. So why is the radio still popular?

• Excellent choices for FM music stations

There are many radio channels available. You have a huge variety about what you like to listen to. Whether it's music, news, sports updates, weather related information, new movie launches, reviews, commercials, etc, you can find it all in FM stations.

• Hearing the news

Some individuals still prefer to listen to news stories over the radio. You can avail many radio news channels, and remain updated with what's going on in the political arena.

• Listening to commercials

Radio commercials are a great way to know about new popular product releases. You get to know what's in and what's out. You can also find what the new superstore is selling, and what new offers are available to the listeners.

• Market updates

Many radio programs offer stock market and other important updates. You get an idea which company is doing well, and which one is struggling in the market.

• No extra expenses

You do not have to subscribe to radio channels. They are free to listen to.


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Children's Toys And Hobbies Today Are Much Different Than Those Of 80's And 90's Kids


The world that children are growing up in today is far different from what I remember as a kid growing up. I was born in the 1980s, which was not long ago at all. However, with the speed at which technology evolves in the present time, a lot of changes have occurred.

When I was in elementary school, I played with action figures, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Disney characters. There was also the Pogs craze and of course, Ty Beanie Babies. I can remember our first computer, it ran on MS-DOS, and the games we played were on floppy disks. I can also remember a time without the Internet. And also a time when AOL was the most popular Internet service provider.

The majority of my free time as a child was spent outdoors, weather permitting. I played with chalk, rode my bike and participated in outdoor games with neighbor kids. My friends and I went for walks and found alternate ways to occupy our time that did not involve an electronic device.

My friends and I made three-way calls on cordless phones that were twice the size of phones made in the present time. Further, my first cell phone, which was before even flip phones had been manufactured, had a grayish-green screen with black font and a four-inch retractable antenna.

Kids growing up in the world today have been exposed to a much different world. They have always lived in a world with the Internet, computers and other devices that are used on a daily basis. Their hobbies are also different and include playing video games, surfing the Internet and watching YouTube. Kids are even given smartphones, sometimes as early as elementary school.

Sure there are still many similarities, like playing with dolls, Legos and cars, but there are also many differences. While I believe technological advancements have been great for the economy and for improving the efficiency of our lives along with the world we live in, I do see some disadvantages as well. I think some important things are missing from children's lives today, including exposure to different forms of art and music. I also think that communicating electronically so frequently hinders social skills. But, regardless of my opinion, this is our world and after only living on it for 25 years, I can already see huge advancements in society. It will be interesting to see what children growing up now think about this topic when they reach 25.


Source by Stephanie A Burke

The Advantages of Living in Texas


When deciding where to move after college or when you are looking for a new job, it is important to consider many factors as you look at different states. Texas, for example, is a great to state to live in today. For starters, the weather is really warm for most of the year. Also, you get great value as far as outdoor work on your home because coatings and scaffolding does not receive as much wear and tear since the weather is nice over the whole year. Thirdly, this state does not have an income tax, so it is much cheaper to live there when it is compared to other states. Finally, many of its big cities have constantly been listed as best places to live in the Recession. For all of these reasons and many more, people should seriously consider this state for a new home. Below are more specifics of the reasons listed above:

1. The weather is pretty gorgeous year round in this state. Some cities, like Houston, do tend to get very humid, but if you do not mind that, then it will most likely not be an issue. Studies have shown that many people get what is known as the "winter blues" because plenty of US cities get very cold and grey over the winter. If you are in an area that does not get too cold, and remains sunny for most of the year, then odds are, you will have a much happier life.

2. Because the weather is warm throughout the year, the normal wear and tear on the outside of your home is a much slower process compared to homes in other states. For example, roofs get damaged when there is a lot of snow in the winter and, even worse, is when the water from snow leaks through your roof and causes water damage inside your home. This problem really does not happen in Texan cities.

3. There is no income tax in the "Lone Star State," which means living is a lot cheaper than it is in the many other parts of the country. No income tax means that people do not have to pay the state any taxes on the money they make at work. This is what keeps the state economy going.

4. There have been many magazine articles and national rankings done about cities that are the "most Recession proof" or cities that are still seeing some growth during the Recession. Most of the big cities in the "Lone Star State" are on this list. What this means is that there are still jobs to be had in these cities and the housing market has not been hit very hard here. Also, you can get great value for a home in most of these cities because they are still in the growing stage.

There are plenty of other reasons why people should consider this state when they are looking for a job whether it is right out of college or because you have to change jobs.


Source by Connor R Sullivan

Farming In The 13 Colonies


Today, we have all the modern equipment to make farming an easier task. However, this was not the case when the Puritans and Pilgrims made their way to the New World to start a new life. They were going to a strange country and had no clue about the weather and the dangers that awaited them. However, once the colonies were set up, the colonists had to turn to farming to provide food for themselves.

Farming in the 13 colonies was not considered a job. It was a way to provide for the family. All family members had to do chores everyday. In smaller farms and plantations, around nine adults used to grow and harvest crops, while in the bigger farms and plantations, there were many indentured workers and slaves that used to work everyday from sun rise to sunset.

The farming practices were quite different in the colonial times compared to the practices today. The practices adopted were dependent on the weather and soil. However, it was never taken lightly, as farming assured the colonists of food, especially during the harsh winter months. It is important to remember that farming was not just about growing crops in the fields. It also encompassed cooking, cleaning and mending tools and fences. There was always work that had to be done and finished.

The most difficulties were faced by the New England colonies, as the soil was not fertile and the winters were extremely harsh. Nonetheless, the farmers grew crops to feed their families and sometimes even their neighbors. In addition, they also used to fish to supplement their food and income.

In the Middle colonies, the soil was extremely fertile, so the colonists could grow a whole range of crops, such as wheat, barley, corn, oats and rye. The wheat was ground into flour and this was sold to other colonies.

The Southern colonies also grew a wide variety of crops, but they mostly concentrated on growing tobacco, which was a cash crop. Tobacco was cultivated in Virginia and North Carolina. However, the colonies in Georgia and South Carolina grew mostly rice and indigo.

In a typical farm, the whole family used to help out. As the children became older, the sons were helped to set up their own farms; and when these sons got married, they were presented with livestock and farming equipment. On the other hand, when the grown daughters got married, it was common for the family to present the husband with livestock and other farm animals.

However, most of the hard work in a farm was done by the slaves. The slave trade started in the middle of the 1500s, and the slaves were brought from Africa. They received no money for their work. All they got was some food and a small unhygienic place to live in.

In the 13 colonies, there were no large farm equipment. Instead, the farms used animals and manpower to till the soil and sow the seeds. Animals, such as oxen and horses, were responsible for pulling the plows, while harvesting was done by hand. It was only in the 1700s that scythes and sickles were used for harvesting.


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Stop Being a Downer! How to Stop Being a Negative Person


Negativity is a habit. It's a mindset and an attitude. If you want to stop being a downer, then you need to change your negative thoughts, words and feelings and focus on better perspectives. Here is how you can begin to make that shift from negative to positive.

    Begin by noticing your thoughts.

Your daily thought patterns are habits. Sometimes bad habits, sometimes good habits. Unless you are taking the time to be conscious of the thoughts that run through your head, you'll be functioning on auto-pilot. And if you have set negative thoughts as your head pilot on your attitude and actions, it's only going to lead you to be a negative person who's always a downer for others. Start taking notice of your thoughts. Then begin to change them.

    You can control what you think.

Taking over your thoughts all day long is tiring for sure and unnecessary. As you start seeing a negative thought cross your mind, set out the intention to rephrase it so that it does not sound so negative. It does not have to sound all happy-go-lucky all the time, but just something that feels a little less negative.

For example, if you look out the window each morning and see it's cold, wet and rainy again, instead of complaining or thinking negative thoughts about the weather (like I hate winter! It's always ugly here!) Think about how there is a season for all types of weather. Think about how it's normal to have rainy days and sunny days. Think about how the plants and vegetation need the water. Or think, 'The weather is not going to determine my attitude today ".

Learn to replace each negative thought you regularly think with one that feels a bit less down. Aim for just changing a few thoughts at a time. Find the ones you think of often throughout your day. If it's work related, then remember that you chose to go to work today. Perhaps this will be one of those days where there is a surprise at work.

    Stop Complaining.

No one likes a chronic complainer. It's not a lot of fun being around people who are always pointing out the wrong, negative or possible problems that could go wrong. We humans do not thrive on the lower end of the emotional scale. You are no different. You prefer the happy and positive people. Begin with yourself and like what you have to say. You do not like when others complain to you. You do not really want to have to deal with other people's worries, so why would you unload that onto others? Learn to stop complaining by remembering that saying, 'If you do not have something nice to say, then do not say anything at all.' You'll like yourself better when you keep your mouth shut in these situations.

    Look for things you like about yourself.

Negative people tend to not have a lot of positive things to say about themselves. How about you? If you think positively of yourself, then how come you are so critical about others? If you're in the latter group, the one where you put yourself down a lot, it's time to change this attitude and habit. Focus on the few bits about yourself you do like. You do not have to be perfect or unique to like some of your skills and talents. Learn to find positive things to think about yourself and watch how that becomes part of how you interact with others.

Being more positive starts with you, with how you think about yourself and life in general. You can always see the glass as half empty (downer) or half full (uplifter). There are so many other people out there complaining and being downers, why join that band wagon when you can be on the fun and uplifting side of life? It's your choice. Make a better one today and see the immediate effects on your personality.


Source by Anne Dessens

What Are the Benefits of PVC Pipes?


PVC pipes play a huge role today in a vast array of drainage systems, whether they are rainwater systems or underground waste disposal systems. The popularity of the plastic in manufacturing everything from a solvent waste pipe to gutter angles can be said to be down to the sheer number of positive attributes of this type of material.

Firstly, PVC has a huge number of different applications, which makes it incredibly versatile. It is also a relatively inexpensive material to manufacture from, meaning that it is affordable in addition to being highly practical.

One of the major advantages of PVC is that offers a very high level of chemical resistance. This is important for a number of uses in a home drainage system, for example welding a solvent waste pipe or standing up to corrosive cleaning products and chemicals that may travel through the pipes.

PVC is also notable for have a good level of resistance to corrosion compared with metal pipes, which can be damaged easily by both acids and salts. In this sense, a PVC solvent waste pipe or underground drainage pipe can offer greater durability than some other choices on the market. It is also ideal for use in the ground in acidic soils.

This type of material also brings many advantages in that it is more resistant to abrasion and regular wear and tear than other materials, making it ideal for use both underground and at the exterior of a building as part of a rainwater system. PVC pipes can withstand a variety of weather conditions that being placed at the outside of a property can bring.

PVC pipes can also resist shock very well, making them ideal for use in situations where they might be subject to impact. This is ideal for pipes that are placed at the exterior of properties that are likely to suffer impact from weather such as hail or other risk factors particular to an area or nearby structure.

This kind of material is also highly fire resistant, and it extremely hard to ignite. It can therefore be concluded that PVC is extremely durable, making it a strong and safe solution for a number of different applications, both in the interior of buildings and at the exterior of a property.

PVC is also non-toxic to the environment, making it suitable for being placed in the ground as underground drainage. It is also relatively eco-friendly to produce, and its long lifespan makes it a less wasteful alternative to products that may not otherwise last as long and need replacing on a regular basis.

It is also fair to say that PVC pipes, ranging from plastic guttering to a solvent waste pipe, are increasingly recycled and repurposed after the have fallen into disrepair and disuse, making it easier than ever to dispose of them in a safe manner for an increasingly environmentally-friendly world.

It is possible to obtain PVC pipes such as down pipes or a solvent wastepipe in longer lengths and a huge variety of shapes than ever before, due to the higher demand of this material for a variety of applications. With longer lengths of pipe, the number of joints required with this product is very small, meaning less equipment needing to be purchased and more cost savings.

All in all, PVC has a number of advantages when it comes to being used for a variety of different piping products, ranging from a solvent waste pipe or a gutter angle to an entire underground drainage system.

Durable, flame-resistant, chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant, this material is one of the most reliable around for many building and construction purposes. On top of that, using PVC is a highly cost-effective solution and is one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly options on the market today.


Source by Rob Singh

Real Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions – Today's Latest Fashion Trends


Today in the present scenario, having beautiful wigs is in fashion and also making a remarkable fashion statement for all, also people who are suffering from some kind of skin disease or disease like cancer, for them there are some wigs that will not going to let them feel complex when interacting with others. Also there are so many online stores that provide you with wide variety of wigs, as per the requirement. You can now find the top-of-the-line technology to best suit your needs; the importance of having human hair wig is that they best suits your personal taste and adds sense of style to you. Human hair wigs are appreciated by both men as well as women to get some different look which looks natural and yet stylish. Hair accessories are also available in the market to serves you with the best of it, every single person wants to have human hair wigs that will look and feel like real hair which is a goal of course.

There are so many people with the problem of losing hair, that is somewhere making them publicly complex, but now they will go to face such situations as they are having all kind of wigs to add style to their personality and also make them feel younger and good. Many people go back and forth weather to have the wigs or not but they can now go to have this, this is something that is inexpensive to have and also one can afford this. Talking about the varieties then, there is absolutely lot of varieties to have, the choices are virtually endless. Coming to the variety then there are real hair wigs that are in demand from most of the people, as they look natural and even better than synthetic hair wig, well there is a choice depends on what you want in your wig and how you will going to wear it and how much time you can spend to take care of.

The majority of real hair wigs are made up of Asian hair, and most of the wigs came from chin, basically, most of the high quality hair comes from India and Pakistan. The quality of hair that comes from these places are thick, soft and black, so as to best use in making straight black hair, though in case of curly hair it takes several steps of bleaching process. The best quality hair wigs comes from Russia and Poland, and it costs more than Asian hair wigs, they are softer and in demand too. As women are more likely to have the wigs, that look real and also feels soft to touch, and also easily manageable. It is important to make sure, while buying a wig you should know from where it is originated before spending too much on it. It is best to find European real hair wig so, that to feel like natural hair, with fine texture.

Real hair wigs are very much friendly to the skin as it breathes so that, it will not going to affect much more to the scalp. Another variety of wigs are Synthetic hair wigs, these are mostly used by so many people, and hence they are having different styles, for example the wigs that are used in some shows and theme parties like Halloween, in which lower quality fiber is used, these wigs are cheap and look like a wig. It is not for everyday usage, and for everyday use you need a wig that looks natural. All the designers use high quality fiber for the Synthetic wigs that looks very glamorous and also very beautiful to have as this is mainly used by the celebrities and also by the designers as it looks very realistic and also very expensive.

There are lot of good brands like Revlon, Aspen and many more to get that natural yet stylish look which gives your personality a different look at affordable prices. The synthetic wigs can be washed to keep the style and also it can get in lower prices. It is good for those who do not want to wear the wigs every day, as they always go for synthetic wigs to add more style and also to try something new and to look different and it is also good to have different wigs of different hair styles and color instead of going for some regular wig.

Hair extensions are other yet very famous and popular hair accessories for women, as this is mostly used by the celebrities and models and it become very famous now a day's amongst the youngsters and also become a part of style symbol and wearable to emphasize the fashion of modernity. Ii can be used to add volume, add length, and add highlights and also a style to the hair. Another thing to keep in mind is that; go for Remy hair, as this is the best hair extensions and also is used by maximum people. Remy hair comes from India and Europe as they are soft in texture and also as taken good care by them, as it can be fine textured and also styled in a way that it completely looks natural because it is made up of real hair and also adds style to it. Synthetic hair extensions are little not manageable, nor as soft as real hair; this is made from fake hair, and needs more care to manage, as this requires styling tools to manage and to prevent it from over-heating and this used for many purposes as sometimes, it is really hard to afford Remy hair extension, so this can be use in that case. This is all about hair extensions as these are the requirement of today's modern society and also to keep the style status alive.


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Top 5 Himalayan Passes Most Popular Among Tourists in India


Himalayan mountain passes were the backbone of trade among many Asian countries in medieval times. Then the greater part of Indian subcontinent, which includes today's Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh besides India, was connected to rest of the world with great Himalayan passes. These passes were trade routes for Indian silk, Indian spices and other goods. Today these passes are of great military importance. These high mountain passes serve as supply route for various military facilities like fuel and food. Also these high mountain passes are of great importance for tourism industry. Most of the major tourist's attraction in India, like Leh Ladalh, and various areas in Uttarakhand and Sikkim are approachable only through high mountain passes. Not all passes are reachable for a normal tourist because of treacherous weather conditions and high altitudes. Because of inaccessibility of many high mountain passes, few of these mountain passes have gained popularity among tourist because of their easy route and favorable weather conditions, of these top 5 mountain passes most popular among tourists are.

Khardung La (Khardung Pass): This is most famous pass among tourists circuit. This pass has the highest motor-able road in the world. Situated at a height of 18,380 feet, Khardung la is on an earlier silk trade route which connects Leh to Nubra Valleey. In Today's times, this highest mountain pass is of immense military importance to India as it connect Siachin glacier to Leh. Khardungla is just 40 Km from Leh. Almost every tourist going to Leh also visits this mountain pass. Khardung la is becoming more and more popular among bike enthusiasts.

Nathula (Nathu la): This pass is in Sikkim state in India. This is the most famous pass among all east Himalayan passes. Recently India and China have started this passes for purpose of trade. This pass is situated at an elevation of 14,140 ft. This pass is some 54 Km east of state capital Gangtok. One can see army establishment at both sides of this border pass. Beautiful peaks of Himalayan range and deep snow covered gorges make it a must visit for anyone who is travelling to Gangtok.

Rohtang Pass: This Himalayan pass gained its popularity because of its easy accessibility from Manali. Situated at an altitude of13,051 ft, Rohtang pass is 51Kms from Manali. One can enjoy snow throughout the year in Rohtang pass. During winter season state government runs a skiing school here. At one side of the pass one can see the Rohtang glacier while on the other side a deep gorge spreads making a valley. Entire area is surrounded by snow capped mountains and huge waterfalls can be seen at many places.

Baralacha Pass (Baralacha la): Situated in the Spiti district in Himanchal Pradesh on the famous route of Manali Leh, this mountain pass has most unpredictable weather conditions. This pass get heavy snow fall during winters making it impossible to cross. Today it is famous among motorbike enthusiast as it is starting point of many famous treks like Tso Moriri trek and Chandra tal (lake) and Surya tal trek.

Goecha La (Goecha Pass): Gateway to the third highest peak in the world, Kanchenjunga, This pass tests trekker's mettle. As this is not the usual motor-able road it requires good physical and mental effort to reach upto this eastern Himalayan pass. Situated in west Sikkim at an elevation of 16,207 ft, Goecha la is the base camp for mountaineers trying to reach to the top of Kanchenjunga. From state capital Gangtok, a trek to Goecha la needs 11 to 12 days of hard trekking. Goecha La is becoming popular among many Indian trekkers.

So friends if you are looking for an adventurous trekking experience or if you want to ride your Enfield bullet to conquer treacherous high mountain passes, you can choose from these five popular mountain passes.


Source by Vijay Dubey

The New Trends: Tensile Membrane Structures


Tensile membrane structures are thrilling, feasible and economical options to roof or provide shade and shelter to an area. They are pliable and light weight structures and can be formed in any shape and size to fit in the particular surroundings. Tensile membrane structures are generally used as roofs because it is cost-effective and it draw attention from a distance. It can also be used as canopies, skylight, covered walk-ways, sunshade roofing or membrane roofing and motorized retractable roofing.

Tensile fabric structure is not an advanced technology or concept but it is one of the ancient practices used to provide shelter and security from an unfriendly weather conditions. Documentation and data proved that people have been making tent for at least 15,000 years, though originally they were using animal skins. Eventually, man learned to use woven fabrics for surviving purposes. The military for example has been commonly known for using tent as most treasured structures in the battlefields. Tents are easy to assemble or build and dismantle or deconstruct, somewhat weather tight, and you can bring it anywhere because of its lightweight.

Ancient Egypt was one of the most influential civilizations throughout history and their architecture was diverse structures. Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to use pieces of fabric structure for shade. They also discovered navigation effective for controlling the wind power by sailing in boats, way back in 3,500 BC. Greeks and Romans also adopted Egypt architecture and used large pieces of fabric in their architectures and buildings. Romans used large canvas "cruise" to provide shade to spectators at the arena in Rome.

Today's modern technology has extremely transformed the fashion these tensile fabric structures are built. It is more weather-proof and lightweight than sticks and animal skins and, in addition, modern fabrics are coated with materials that resist UV degradation and they offer more benefits such as protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and strong wind resistance.

A tensile tent membrane structure can be thought as an umbrella and construct tension in many ways, depended on the area that needs architectural roofing. In a fundamental tent, tension is built by the poles which the body of the tent established or depend. Furthermore, in larger structures; industrial-strength materials such as fiberglass-coated polyurethane are used to have an indestructible and everlasting structure. Some tensile fabric structures do not need a supporting framework or pillar. Using that, pressurized air is applied to create the needed tension.

Membrane material is treated as the fifth construction element after metal, stone, glass, and concrete. At present the popularity of this material is increasing rapidly worldwide. Modern fabric structure materials in modern architecture can shape space, allowing architects to sculpt 3-dimensional space that is not possible with any other types of material. Selecting a roofing membrane system material is always to find a balance of design criteria, performance requirements and costs. Membrane roofing Philippines is now a new trend in the country.


Source by Daisy Marino